We Buy Waste Fuels

We Buy Petrol, Diesel, Aviation Fuels (Jet A1, Avtur, Avgas), Marine Fuels
(ULSGO, Marine Gasoil, High Sulphur Gasoil), Kerosene, PFO, Gasoils (Red Diesel), Generator Fuels.
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City Fuel Services is the UK’s
largest buyer of waste fuels

We manage both ongoing programmed fuel collections and ad-hoc or emergency bulk fuel uplifts and removals, whether they be contaminated fuel, off-spec material or redundant old fuel stock.
Our services

Emergency Uplifts

We can quickly respond to an emergency fuel uplift situation at petrol forecourts and fuel storage depots enabling our customers to become operational again in the shortest possible timescale.
Our services
Emergency Uplifts Pump tanker vehicleCity Fuel Services Bulk Fuels vehiclesEmergency Fuel Uplifts

City Fuel Services is one of the UK’s largest buyers of waste fuels, which include mixed, contaminated, and redundant fuel stock. Our wide range of specialist fuel uplift vehicles coupled with our technical expertise means that we can accept a wide variety of fuels from the most challenging locations and still find competitive rebate value for our customers. In addition to the collection and uplift of all fuel grades, we can manage all forecourt crossovers and emergency uplifts.

The business has been built on developing a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and the ability to turn the most pressing jobs round quickly whilst still offering the best haulage rates and competitive rebates. We continuously strive to offer a premium service to anyone who has fuel, whether it’s contaminated, out of specification or old, redundant or surplus to requirement which needs to be removed.

City Fuel Services Limited

Fairfield Road, Manchester

City Fuel Services is head-quartered at our Manchester site, a fully licensed and permitted hazardous waste facility capable of storing all fuel grades. The site houses the company’s sales and management teams alongside being the main operational hub for the business.

Our services

City Fuel Services

Head-quartered in Manchester
Waste facility capable of storing and processing small to large consignments
24-7 staffed call centre
Nationwide Coverage

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We Buy Waste Fuels, Forecourt Crossovers, Contaminated and Redundant Fuel
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