We are oil industry, bringing oil industry standards to the mis-fuel sector.

With our origins in the oil industry and production of fuels, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the handling and processing of all fuel types. This has led us to develop one of the largest mixed fuels businesses trading in the UK today.

With this knowledge, we have become the go-to business for the enhancement and development of the mis-fuel sector.


Our relationship with our network of Mobile Fuel Technicians has been built initially on the acquisition of their mixed fuels. Over time we have evolved into a robust reliable partnership, where we are now helping our network to improve standards in the mis-fuel sector.

We are an SPA accredited training centre assisting our fuel technicians to meet their training needs and to then become one of our chartered members.

We use bespoke technology provided free of charge to our Mobile Fuel Technician Network to ensure the fastest response time to our mis-fuelled customers.

Our national network comprises of 150+ Mobile Fuel Technicians, with continuous growth. Mobile Fuel Technicians undergo our vetting process to join our Network. The vetting procedure is a thorough process which NOT ALL are able to pass straight away! Once accreditation is achieved we monitor documents through our diary system ensuring all documentation is kept up to date and that only compliant Fuel Technicians are used.  If they do not comply we work with them to bring them up to our chartered network standard! By working with City Fuel Services, you can be rest assured you are being provided with safe systems of work.