City Fuel Services Limited
Fairfield Road, Manchester

The centre of our mixed fuels business, our Manchester site is a fully licensed and Permitted Hazardous Waste facility with multiple storage arrangements totalling 335,000 litres capacity. The location of our 24-hour Call Centre, accredited S.P.A Training Centre and the Sales and Management teams.

We can help our existing customers meet the appropriate standards for any mobile mis-fuel vehicle by providing a fit-out service in our onsite workshop.

33 operational decanting/storage sites throughout the UK and Europe, with further expansion planned.

Our current total storage capacity amounts to 1,000,000 litres and growing continuously

City Oils Limited
Unit 12, Askews Farm Lane, Grays
Contaminated fuel, Uplift ,Crossovers, End of line runs, Waste fuel, Off spec fuel, Fuel disposal, Fuel collections

Our long-established oils and fats processing facility in London specialises in refining and supplying renewable fuel feedstocks to oil majors throughout Europe with the production of biofuels. Handling road tanker loads, our bulk storage capacity of approximately 170,000 litres places us among the largest producers of these types of renewable raw fuel feedstocks in the UK.

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